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The LionsDen Military Simulation Clan is Only on the 
Playstation 4 and Xbox One System  that focuses on Military Tactics as well as Military Simulation on the Battlefield Franchise. We Specialise in working in a team to overcome a enemy force using precision and skill.

Established in 2005, LionsDen was a group who were from AWOL which at the time was a clan solely based on BATTLEFIELD, They become so well known that there community grew really large and turned into a multi-gaming platform, but there Leader, 'Assassin' who was a feared commander within AwoL, decided to go his own direction and all the battlefield players went with him. and from the ashes of AwoL, LionsDen Was born!  


LionsDen Active Roster
List of all squad assignments across all platoons.
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General Discussion
General talk about anything going on.
23rd Jul 2018 by Private Private E-2 Void_Vintage in New Recruit
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Other Lions Den Games
Lions Den is across many other games. Look for your game and apply using the template.
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News & Announcements
News & Announcements by Commissioned Officers will be posted here.
13th Dec 2017 by im_immortal3 in New rank respon...
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