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CIS M.O.S. Suggestion
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LONGWINGX 19th Jan 2017

Joined: 4th Dec 2016
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CIS, Communications Information Specialist.

I've noticed that the only people who actually know what the fuck is going on, and how to talk to each other whilst in combat is the higher-ranking(E-4 and up) members of LD. But even then, a lack of communication is present. So, I propose a new training, and M.O.S., for lower ranking members who should be taking the position, not the squad leaders. 

The Communications Information Specialist, in shorter far more reasonable terms, the designated Zello man. These are the members of a squad who run Zello and have clear representation of their fireteam/squad. With designated people, who know what to communicate, and how to communicate it, it will result in less clutter on Comms, and more information being exchanged more effectively, which means that Squads are more capable. This training is meant to increase the efficiency and speed with which the information is exchanged, along with the alleviated pressure of the Squad/Fireteam leader means then that they can focus more on what their squad is to do, and also prevents them from being killed while talking on zello(which has been known to happen quite a few times). 

Knowledge is a weapon, especially on the battlefield. If you can't find the enemy, you can't shoot them. And if you can't shoot them, you can't kill them. Common Sense.
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Precise_1 1st Feb 2017

Joined: 11th Aug 2015
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I like it get with me next time I'm in and we will go over it in a server. If it works we will put it in play
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Maj Gen Precise

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