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{Guest} SwampShot (The Legend) 24th May 2017

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Please copy and paste the following and pm me your application.

LDSR Application

PSN Name:

How long have you been in LionsDen?

What is your current ranking in LionsDen?

This is a 3 day course, are you able to make all 3 days?

Please be honest with yourself when answering the following questions.

What is your number one strength that you could provide to LDSR?

What is your number one weakness that you feel you can most improve on?

Do you feel comfortable in your ability to adhere to the one shot one kill motto?

LDSR is a Scout Sniper Unit. We dont get many kills, but the kills we do get save alot of lives.

In your own words- what does it mean to you to be a Scout Sniper?

Why do you want to join LDSR?

We do not use actual Sniper Rifles in LDSR. Are you comfortable using a DMR?

Please answer to the best of your ability.

You are providing overwatch for a ground assault team that is en route to secure a village that has been occupied by an enemy force. As the assault team is about to breach a multi floor compound you and your spotter notice an undetermined amount of individuals inside the dwelling.

Your the last one left on the battlefield, your spotter and assault teams have all been KIA, you still a few enemies to deal with. You take a shot, 1 EKIA- Now whats your next move for the rest?

Last question. Do you want to be a PIG or a HOG?

And what does the acronym PIG and HOG mean to you?

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Lt. Colonel Swampshot
Founder of LDSR
Founder of Internal Affairs

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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