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Lionsden Shortfilm "Into the Fire"
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Now. I would definitely help out in this idea but, due to me not having a suitable sorce of income at the present moment, I simply can only push out the idea. Now as some of you know I'm very much into Modeling and Acting, so the idea of being apart of a short film is..... rather inticing to say the least.
  So "Into the Fire". What is it? It's a short film of two friends, Jacob and Malachi, who are in the mist of a heated battle in WWI. They have to capture a bunker, but they are in a huge disadvantage for the bunker is located ontop of a hill. Now The map is kinda obvious where this fight will take place, Mount Grappa. Yes I know there are no Americans on that Map. We can easily change the names.
  So The Characters. Jacob Age 24 is the oldest, He's calm, collected and seen multiple skirmishes during this war. he is a sniper (well no duh). Malachi is also calm, at times. he's been with Jacob for two years in this war. He tends to get extremely nervous and hesitates on pulling the trigger when the enemy is close, but he always come through if Jacob is by him or tells him to focus. 
  All is calm in the beggining. black screen with 1910's music playing then BAM! The bunker is heavily fortafied, with the allies trtying to advance on the bunker they are greeted with a barrage of artilary shells, granades and bullets. The church and buildings around it are leveled from the stedy explosions and the squad leader or platoon leader (whatever it was back then) gives the whistle. The allies take charge, Losing countless men each push. Jacob easily spots four snipers thats spread out from each other on the hill and puts them down. Malachi, who has an LMG, lays down suppressive fire on a few hostile solders, who where comming down the hill, making them take cover behind some rocks,sandbags or whatever they can hide behind. Another allied solder spots a tunnle and tells the platoon leader. He sends a few men to the tunnel but there is a hostile tank and and it makes quick work of them. The leader is livid, he orders heavy fire on the tank, destroying it eventually after losing even more men. a gun fight now happens in the Tunnle, more men lose there lives from the toxious gas that is relesed, but eventually the area is captured by the allies and used as an HQ. Jacob, Malachi and thier squad are still outside. Now closer to the bunker they lay down fire on multiple enemy positions. 2 of thier men are shot and  saverly* injured. The medic in another nearby squad is dead making the only available medic in that area one of the injured. Reinforcements come and the whistle is heard. They charge. machine gun fire wizz through the air multiple men die on both sides but the allies make it to the bunker and successfully clear it. cries for mothers and agonizing  groans and yelps are heard under the roaring sound of war inside of the AA bunker. Malachi is shot and bleeding out slowly. Jacob tries to comfort trying to patch his wound. the two share childhood memories and laugh as they remenince. 7 guys are in the bunker btw. they all become silent as the sound of aircraft are heard outside. The two laugh more as they relize its the allied bomber crafts. another whislte is heard and Jacob has to go. they dont say anything to each other as he leaves to fight again. music is increased as he steps out from the bunker and charges into the enemy with his allies to capture the second bunker ontop of the hill. He never makes it and dies once he finally get to the bunker.

beggining -"Oh how i hate to get up in the morning" by Arthur Fields

During fight :
"Death is a road to Awe" by Clint Mansell
"I'll keep coming" by Low Roar
"Soul Battles" by Ryan Taubert Music

ending - "The last man" by Clint Mansell

Please comment guys and really listen to the music I want to know what you guys think.
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