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LieutenantColonel Ragerun58 18th Apr 2017

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Rank Structure Officers

Generals - Oversee entire unit and all affairs linked to it.

O-6: Colonel

* Responsible for organizing squads in their company, and said company.

* Must be in contact with all Captains (Cpt.) in order to make sure they are doing their required company training.

O-5: Lieutenant Colonel

* Brigade XO.

* Helps the Colonel (Col.) with organizing squads and companies.

O-4: Major

* A Company Commander Trainer.

* Is required to show up at Warrant Officer meetings.

* Has the responsibility of issuing emblems and tags and to assist members with those related issues.

O-3: Captain

* A Company Commander.

* He/She makes sure the Sergeants (Sgt.) are hosting required trainings and host company training and have contact with all other Captains (Cpt.) and relay all training to the personnel holding the rank Warrant Officer 5.

* Will also relay all they have done each week to a Colonel (Col.) or Lieutenant Colonel (LTC.).

O-2: 1st Lieutenant

* A 1st Lieutenant Company Commander Trainee.

* An Active Recruiter whom needs to recruit at least FIVE members a week.

O-1: 2nd Lieutenant

* A Company Commander Trainee.

* An Active Recruiter whom needs to recruit TEN (10) members a week.

Warrant Officers:

W-1: Warrant Officer 1 -

* An Internal Operation Planner.

* Is required to be in contact with other Warrant Officers.

* Must be active on Operations (Op) suggestions forum party.

W-2: Warrant Officer 2

* Recruiting and Boot Camp Planner.

* Required to be active on the Website Applications forum.

* Must be in contact with other Warrant Officers.

W-3: Warrant Officer 3

* An Internal YouTube Planner which holds the responsibility of getting groups of members together in order to do videos and the weekly news letter.

* Is also the Calendar Monitor.

W-4: Warrant Officer 4

* M.O.S. Planner.

* Required to be in constant contact with all Drill Instructors and other Warrant Officers.

* Required to host FIVE (5) M.O.S. trainings a week.

W-5: Warrant Officer 5

* Warrant Officer Meeting Planner.

* Is required to plan weekly Warrant Officer meetings and will coordinate times and time zones for events.

* Is required to have contact with all Sergeants (Sgt.), Captains (Cpt.) and Majors (Maj.)

Rank Structure Enlisted

E-(7~10) 1st Sergeant

* Company XO - leads company wide training.

* Also communicates between companies and is required to have Zello contact with all Corporals (Cpl.), Sergeants (Sgt.), Staff Sergeants (SSG.), Sergeant First Classes (SFC.) , 1st

Sergeants (1SG.), and Captains (Cpt.).

E-6: Sergeant First Class (SFC.) & Staff Sergeant (SSGT.)

* Is responsible for making sure that Sergeants (Sgt.) are doing required training and must be in Sergeant's (Sgt.) and Corporal's  (Cpl.) Fire Team chats.

* If the Sergeant (Sgt.) can not host the training, then they are responsible for hosting the Squad Training.

E-5: Sergeant (Sgt.)

* A leader of an EIGHT (8) man squad and is responsible for all Squad Training and squad performance.

* Is required to be in his Fire Team chat.

* Their Corporal needs to relay times of his training to a Warrant Officer 5 or Captain.

E-4: Corporal (Cpl.)

* A leader of FOUR (4) man Fire Team.

* Must set up chat with his Fire Team.

* Is required to have zello contact with with all Corporals (Cpl.), Sergeants (Sgt.), and Captains (Cpt.).


* Senior infantry.

* Has mastered a certain M.O.S.

E-3: Private First Class (PFC.)

* Advanced Infantry.

* Qualified in their specified M.O.S.  

E-2: Army Private

* Basic Infantry.

* Required to be in Fire Team chat.

* Practices formations and tactics learned from Boot Camp.

E-1: Private

* Recruit.

* Processing through Boot Camp.
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