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On Excess Leave Adam Bond ( traitor ) (Banned) 13th Dec 2016

Joined: 12th Sep 2016
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ok some people already know about this but for the people that don't on this Friday there will be squad op and ALL squads MUST be there. you squad leaders will tell you the time but if they don't I tell you now. 5pm est. this will be a test to see how the SGT can sort there squads before ops start and to see if the CPLs can get communication's together. all the COs that are going we are not to help with anything we are just there to watch and to be apart of the ops and to see how they get things sorted out in the ops.

when the ops are done the COs will give feed back to the SGT and CPLs so next to we do something like this they will know what to do and how to do it.

if there is any question PM me about it and I will answer any questions you have about it. the ops are going to be normal ops and you are going to be using what the rules tell you to use.

I was see you all on Friday and hope to see all the SGT there to.

if you can not come please tell you squad leader or me but you squad leader if first.

see you soon
CWO4 adambond
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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