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Registration Agreement
The Lionsden Registration Agreement

Upon registration to Lionsdens Website, You have agreed to the following agreements & Terms. You MUST respect the Terms that you agree upon as it will better your experience with the Lionsden & prevent disciplinary action that will occur from violating them. 

1.) I (Recruit _________) Agree to honor the Lionsden Mil-Sim Name & Clan mission to the fullest.

2.)   I (Recruit ________) Understand that I am FULLY accountable for any of my actions that may prevent promotion & or discharge from the Lionsden (Recruit _______) Will do everything in my power to NOT get to that level. 

3.)   I (Recruit______) will NOT be insubordinate.

4.)   I (Recruit ________)  WILL Respect the Lionsden Rank Structure as I understand that this is a Military Simulation. 

5.)   I (Recruit__________) will be active on the Lionsden Website & In the Mil-Sim Community. 

6.) I (Recruit ________) agree to ALL Terms that have been presented to me here & I understand that there will be punishments handed out accordingly these terms are violated. 

Please understand again that until you fill out a Recruitment Application on the site you are only considered a Guest to the Website & will not be able to participate in any of the event's. You MUST fill out a RECRUITMENT APPLICATION in order to officially be apart of Lionsden.

I accept the terms of service and privacy policy: